House Republicans Fear Trump Terrorists Will Kill Them If They Vote To Impeach

There are a group of House Republicans who support impeaching Trump but are afraid that they will be harmed or killed if they vote yes.

This is the degree to which the GOP is now a domestic terror cell:

The fear is understandable after what happened last week in the Capitol. As more details emerge, it is clear that Trump’s incited insurrection was much worse than the American people saw, but these individuals were sent to the House to represent the American people. Taking difficult votes and defending the country when they are required to do so is part of the job.

Trump has turned the Republican Party into something worse than a cult. It is bordering on the verge of becoming a terrorist organization. The fears being privately expressed by Republicans are like those expressed by individuals in authoritarian regimes or ISIS.

If some Republicans are too afraid to do their jobs, they need to resign and be replaced with people who will fulfill their oath of office.

The American people need leaders, not cowards, who will buckle when under duress.

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